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19 Lincoln Ave.
Rutherford, NJ | 07070

19 Lincoln Ave. | Rutherford | NJ
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19 Lincoln Ave. | Rutherford | NJ
- See This Location -

19 Lincoln Ave. | Rutherford | NJ
- See This Location -


... to our online home for the Collins Calhoun Funeral Home.
We have been providing a personalized professional service to our families of  Rutherford and the surrounding communities since 1884.
We take great pride in offering a traditional ceremony that is dignified and affordable, tailored to meet every family's special needs, customs and budget.
We are committed to providing unparalleled attention to detail, something you should always expect. and deserve.
Angelo G. Mania, CFSP
President / Manager 


A Thoughtful Gesture

By Debra Mania

Sometimes a gesture however large or small can be so meaningful or even life changing to the person giving as well as the person receiving. Many times we have no idea of its effect because it’s often unmentioned. But maybe not overlooked.

On December 10th, 2013, my father-in-law, John of 88 yrs. unexpectedly passed away. We had a wonderful relationship which I will always treasure and value. He was a simple man with giant heart. He and I had the best talks and boy did we talk about everything. We are all missing him.

He & his mother (Grandma Virginia, a “tough as nails” Italian, but who also had a giant heart), owned a small grocery/ deli in Paterson for over 60 years. John always spoke about “the book”. This was for those who had no money to pay at the time of purchase, so you would put it in “the book” and pay for it later. Some did pay and some didn’t. We always wondered how the store survived, but it did. But after the neighborhood began to change and after a gun was held to John’s head a second time, he decided it was time to go and sold the store.

 A few days after John’s funeral we received a letter from a man who talked about “the book”. He naturally was a boy at the time, but remembered that if not for John and the kindness he had shown, he and his brothers would have starved. He explained that his father and mother had divorced and his mother was on her own to raise her children. They had nothing, lived in an apartment with no heat or hot water and struggled. But they had food and he never forgot where it came from. He was so grateful. There were some funny stories about John, too. If John were alive and read this letter he would have cried. It was such a validation for all of the old stories he told us & more meaningful to us than he could ever know.

A little side note; I had told my Aunt, (My mother’s brother’s wife of 50 yrs.) about the letter and at the end of our conversation said, “by the way the man’s last name is the same as your maiden name”, never thinking much of it since it is somewhat a common name. As it turned out, the man who wrote the letter was her second cousin whom she hadn’t seen in years and was actively trying to find. The world keeps getting smaller!

We could never really know how even the smallest gesture can effect or even change the path one may take or not take, effecting the life one may have or not have all because of something we did for them.

It is important for all of us to reflect back and remember, as this man did in his letter. Maybe it is also important to let those know or let anyone know that you didn’t do it alone.


A heartfelt thank you to our friends who had lost a family member taken care of  by our Funeral Home and were thoughtful enough to pay their respect to us during our loss or send beautiful cards of sympathy. We are grateful for your compassion and friendship.

Angelo & Debra Mania

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